Saturday, February 25, 2012

Generating Compassion

Choosing to generate compassion often comes from dealing with direct suffering of one kind or another in one's own life. One looks around and sees children making mostly bad decisions by not being completely honest with themselves or others. One sees some around one horrified at the dishonesty and confusion and succumbing to horror through one kind of addiction or another. Somehow one decides to be a good and positive influence on oneself and the world and chooses to be compassionate both to oneself and to all beings. At this point being compassionate to oneself and all beings becomes a life long discipline of becoming a seeker of compassion and wisdom and practicality in all things. As one moves through life seeking truth, compassion and wisdom often one becomes enlightened in multiple ways. So, since one knows that one is becoming enlightened one looks to help others and self in any useful practical compassionate way that is possible. By refining methods of compassion and by becoming ever more efficient in one's actions towards compassion, one's own life as well as family and friends and acquaintances lives become more happy, useful, compassionate and helpful to all life on earth and beyond. As more and more people learn to generate compassion throughout their lives the world becomes a better place for all beings.

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