Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roswell from the Future?

"I joke about this all the time -- we're going to be walking around 3 feet tall if we keep going the way we're going," Gingerich said in a statement.
From 1906 to 2005, the world has been in an "unequivocal" warming trend, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's website. The earth warmed about 1 to 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit over that time, much less than the warming trend 56 million years ago.
end quote from above website.

Though the article above is how horses reduced in size to the size of a house cat or 8.5 pounds during the last Global Warming it sort of makes you wonder whether the Roswell Aliens that were supposed to be 3.5 feet to just under 5 feet tall aren't our descendents from the future after they have to live underground because of the heat of global warming say 10,000 years or more in the future with  special lenses on their eyes to see in the dark sort of like a more compact nightvision lens  like the military uses now based upon infrared technology that see heat signatures and light in different ranges than we see with the naked eye during the day. So, my question to be more specific is: "Are the little aliens visiting us our descendents after global warming shrinks them too?" Are they our descendents traveling back through time after Global Warming changes them from living underground? Also, the noses we have are designed specifically to shed rain anthropologically speaking. So, if you lived underground and never were out in the rain your nose might disappear over thousands of years because it would no longer be necessary to shed rain without choking on water. Also, ears might change because there wouldn't be predators to listen for like before either. Also, ears are an adaptation to shed rain too in their evolutionary design.

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