Saturday, February 18, 2012

Living in Denial

I have tried to understand people who "Live in Denial" my whole life. Especially, because relatives "mostly female" and even my 2nd wife during and after our divorce lived and still lives in this kind of "Fairy Tale" world. However, now finally at 63 I am just starting to begin to understand what this 2nd profession for women for thousands of years has been all about. How it appears to happen is that something bad happens that is traumatic in nature and then women who are left alive with either a dead husband or a boyfriend or husband who is gone seem to go into  "A fairy tale". So, my best guess is that "Living in denial" stems from  extreme grief that that woman cannot bear and stay sane. So, "living in denial" is a way to raise one's children without fully dealing with reality. Because fully dealing with reality would possibly cause a temporary or permanent loss of sanity or death. And because some part of a woman understands this, she (for thousands of years) has created this adaptation to still be able to raise her children, take care of her family (young or old) without fully dealing with reality. So, something that has upset me so much as a man I can finally define as a "Survival adaptation" for thousands of years for women to be able to raise their kids no matter what and to take care of the rest of their families no matter what.

Men usually can't live this way and survive physically. So a man either confronts reality and is permanently dead or insane or faces the horrors of his life and moves on any way he can.

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