Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I had been sick and on my 2nd course of antibiotics because I have seen what this virus can do to people who don't take it seriously, like a friend of mine who (temporarily?) lost 90% of his hearing over 2 months and is still having to wear a drain on one ear. So, I went on antibiotics early, first zithromax, and now ammoxicillin. I usually don't like taking antibiotics much except for zithromax which has saved my life more than once but his time I didn't see another useful choice. So, after being sick for 2 weeks I figured I owed it to my wife who took care of me to push through and celebrate Valentine's Day with her. She had rented a really nice room over looking the Bay and was planning for us to go to a movie. Originally, we were going to go see "the vow", but I realized, being sick, the vow was a little much for me. So, I got us to go to "This Means War" which is a comedy Drama with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine and an English Actor. It was a very good choice and it was a Sneak Preview so there was a very full and enthusiastic audience. So, we had a really great time. After the movie we went to a really nice hotel above the 3rd floor where we could easily see the bay and the sunrise which is always nice. Happy Valentine's Day.

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