Saturday, February 18, 2012


Before SIRI there was TCPIP which means Transfer Control Protocol Internet Protocol. For the non-programmers or non-Network engineers among you, TCPIP you can imagine as someone who speaks almost any language or in this case Operating system. TCPIP allowed most operating systems to talk to servers and the internet in order to switch on the pages you wished to interact with online through your GUI (GRaphic User Interface) (mouse) or (mousepad) on your computers worldwide.

However, STephen Jobs before he passed on saw that TCPIP couldn't adapt much beyond what it was and so he designed or ordered to be designed a C3PO kind of interface. If you have ever heard C3PO talk about how he could speak 80,000 or 90,000 languages (in the Star Wars series of movies)  both computer and languages beings speak that is sort of what SIRI is designed to do as well. In other words the SIRI concept is basically designed so literally ANY language eventually can be spoken by you or SIRI so you can communicate with literally any language human or computer language or even mathematical languages or whatever. So, for me, the problem is likely you will start to see people (especially children) not wanting to learn to read, write or do math or anything simply because they can now ask SIRI literally anything and likely get some kind of useful or non-useful answer. So, with SIRI you now have a type of evolving program that can literally speak to any type of machine or being eventually sort of like C3PO only without a robotic body. My wife was telling me that already blind people are starting not to learn Braille which is a language the blind can feel because SIRI can read to them verbally now almost anything they want to read electronically. So, even though it is good to have a rudimentary C3PO it could play havoc with education worldwide eventually. However, it also could be the most patient tutor imaginable as well. So, it could also be a good thing properly used. So, I suppose if you are tired of answering the questions of your little kids you could get them an Iphone4SIRI and let them ask SIRI anything they want. Though they might not be satisfied with all the answers you might be surprised with what they learn. Just get them the wire ear pieces with a built in microphone and put the iphone on their hip or on a table or something and let the questions rip. They might develop a real love of wisdom and knowledge especially if you add to their knowledge along the way.

Another way so you can supervise what they are getting into would be to put the Iphone4Siri on Speakerphone so the child and the SIRI are sitting at a table or outside, for example, so both you and the child can both hear the conversation between SIRI and your child. In this way you could supervise what the child is learning about better.  If you and the child were outside or inside exploring any idea or concept, SIRI could be an instant research device so both of you could learn more about any given subject imaginable.

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