Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whole Foods

My son and I went to Whole Foods Store today to replace  some items from the house. As I was checking out the checker said, "I took in a 68 year old homeless man." I was kind of surprised by this admission so I said, "Is he a Viet Nam Veteran?" She said, "No. He just made a lot of bad decisions in his life." I said, "Well. Homeless veterans are pretty common from that era. I used to do suicide counseling when I was in college" She said, "Oh. That must have been interesting." and I said, "I also counseled kids and tutored them through Operation Share while I was in college." I'm not sure exactly what she wanted from me or why this all came up. Maybe I reminded her of this man in some way or maybe it was just because I am in my 60s too. She said, "Life gave me a second chance and so I thought I needed to give someone else a second chance too." I said, "Have a good day!" and walked to my truck with my food. I have no idea really what that was all about but somehow it all felt right and I hoped what I had said helped her because I kind of was concerned about a woman taking in a 68 year old homeless man. But I felt it wasn't my place to say anything about that to her. She was a grownup after all and looked to be at least in her late 20s or more.

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