Saturday, November 24, 2018

After Redding, Paradise and last year the Santa Rosa fire and Thomas Fire Californians are pretty scared of the future

First of all Trump has no idea about anything in California because he was only here last Saturday likely for the first time since he boinked Stormy Daniels in Lake Tahoe and who knows if even then he was on the Nevada side or the California side of Lake Tahoe when he did this.

So, unless you have lived in California somewhere between 5 to 20 years or more, likely you might be just full of it when you talk about California. For example, I have lived here almost continuously since 1952 when I was 4. So, I have seen a lot of earthquakes and fires, and except for one really bad earthquake in 1971 when I thought I was going to die in a nuclear holocaust or something, earthquakes really aren't that scary here (generally speaking) (except for a 5.0 with my 5 year old daughter in a pool in Orange (but she is 22 now so this is quite a while ago now).

So, fires (and the prospect of dying in one or dying of smoke inhalation (ANYWHERE) in California is what Californians are scared of the most. We aren't usually scared about earthquakes because since 2003 ONLY 7 people have died in Earthquakes. However, in the Tubbs fire and the Camp Fire alone we have lost 106 people (In just those two fires) since 2017.

However, in just one flash flood we lost 113 people in 1938 in Los Angeles. So, you can see many more can die in Flash flooding in California than from any other type of disaster (other than rioting) that I know of.

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