Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It finally started raining hard last night here in Northern California

I live near the SF Bay Area in California so last night is when the heavy rains began in earnest for us. It's still wet and as I look out upon my back yard deck it's still very wet and periodically rain or mist is still coming down. I could open my French sliding door this morning out upon the deck and walk out in the wet. The smell is great of fresh air that is cleaned by rain everywhere with the Sea Lions barking in the distance with the sound of storm waves in the distance crashing upon the shore. I live in a forest near the ocean so the trees all seem happy to finally get some rain too. The fires in California have weighed heavily upon Californians. About 50,000 people in Northern California and many more in Southern California are without homes to go to this Christmas and from the Paradise area many people (and all their relatives now) are homeless too. We have an acquaintance ourselves whose house burned down in Paradise who is now living with her daughter in Chico. There are thousands of people now who have had to scatter to the winds to take care of themselves and their families now in California from all the fires in Redding, in Paradise, in Thousand Oaks to Malibu and many other fires. I remember staying in Rancho Bernardo last December 2017 waiting for my oldest daughter to have a baby in the San Diego area and fires happening from Fallbrook to Oceanside which were horrific while I was down there. It seems that fires can happen now in California just about any time it isn't actually raining here at the time.

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