Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My conception of what Humans actually are

We are not these bodies we live in first of all. We are actually the species that creates galaxies in the first place. We call this species "our souls" because they never die (because they do not even naturally live in time and space at all (but they can when they want to).

So, imagine a human soul as being as far evolved beyond an ant as a human being today is to an ant in an ant colony. Then imagine a human being deciding that understanding what it is like to actually be an ant (in this case a being who created galaxies decides to incarnate as a human to experience mortality). But, why would an immortal being choose to experience mortality?

Because living forever can be boring after several billion years and you might need some distractions to actually value being alive any longer. So, you incarnate as a human being (sort of like a human incarnating as an ant) to learn about mortality. And Mortality allows the billion year old being (even though that makes no sense at all because this being doesn't even live in a time and space universe) it allows that being to value living at all by experiencing what it is like to die. So, for a time this immortal being (your soul) lives in a mortal coil to experience mortality and also experiences the value of being alive by realizing they could die any moment of their lives.

By experiencing this the SOUL realizes that living forever is more valuable and stays alive billions of years more (even though that has no real meaning to a being that doesn't naturally live in time and space to begin with).

By God's Grace

Note: This is my actual real life experience that I have learned about during my life here on earth.

So, when I study religions I see them as trying to explain what I'm saying here through religions.

However, I'm just scientifically trying to explain my personal experience with what it really is without any mythology just personal experiences in as matter of fact and scientific way that I can.

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