Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Why is enlightenment important?

When you walk through life often you will see people moving forward on information that you know is bogus (or just an outright lie)  in a variety of ways. This then creates chaos of various kinds in these people's lives. So, you know that if they were at least educated in how to separate lies or misinformation from actual facts so many of them might not die or be maimed in various ways by information so obviously false and misleading.

So, you might tell people that such and such information is not true. But, that might offend them. So, then you find that it is important that you and your children at least have access to the truest information possible on any given subject.

Part of the way to filter information so you and your family can better stay alive is to become enlightened in all ways.

1. Be enlightened through a good education.
2. Be enlightened by surrounding yourself with people you can trust.
3. Be enlightened by creating useful goals for yourself and your family.
4. Be enlightened by living places that are safe and healthy for your family to live.
5. Be enlightened by thinking useful thoughts and having Right livelihood doing things that
     will not only help you and your family but also help the planet and all life upon it whenever                 possible.
6 Be enlightened by living according to a good set of principles or having a religion or philosophy 
     that you find is helpful to you in staying calm and centered in your lives.
7. Be enlightened by choosing to follow a path towards enlightenment based upon compassion                towards all life in the Universe in the past, present and future.

By God's Grace

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