Tuesday, November 27, 2018

An Angel doesn't naturally live in Time and Space

A Heaven realm doesn't really exist in time and space either most of the time. So, when the Golden Heaven in 2011 began to move around the earth I was surprised. I realized this was a dispensation from the Solar Logos who runs the whole Solar System from our Sun.

If you want to see humans as sort of like colonies of ants here on earth this is probably the best way to share their relationship to the solar logos that actually runs the solar system.

So, all life in the solar System is watched over and kept in Balance by the Solar Logos of this system of worlds and he lives inside the sun.

Obviously, humans have a whole lot to learn sort of like a colony of ants might as to how the universe actually works on all levels.

Why don't angels naturally live in Time and Space?

Because Time and Space is temporary but where they live is permanent.

Though this is just my thinking (and I'm just another human ant in a human ant colony) my thought is that it has to do with how 96% of the universe is "Unknown matter" and (sometimes called by Scientists "dark matter" meaning only "Unknown matter) and that galaxies are only at most 4% of the known universe.

Therefore, "Unknown matter" is the permanent part of the known universe and galaxies are only temporary.

So, to me at least it makes perfect sense why angels would be living in the permanent part of the universe where heaven realms exist rather in the temporary parts of the universe made of matter which is very transitory.

So, though they can visit time and space at each and every point they are not tied to time and space really in any way like we are while living in human bodies here on earth.

So, when an angel tells you something about your future, often that is what is going to happen, unless you change it to another outcome.

So, in my life angels often come and tell me what to avoid and also what choices to make to create the best possible future for myself and everyone around me in my life.

So, listening to angels often is the difference between life and death in your life and all those around you.

By God's Grace

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