Friday, November 23, 2018

Illegal migration across borders creates Nationalism and Hitlers on earth

Though I agree with Hillary Clinton about this, this also likely flies in the face of most liberal democracies on earth too.

So, setting up a flow chart likely will help people see this dynamic better:

Climate change equals desertification, floods, droughts and cause migration in order for people to survive.

People who already live in these countries other people migrate to get mad as those illegals take the jobs of the poorer locals in those countries.

Effect: Nationalism raises it's ugly head by the Middle to Lower Classes most affected by migration through loss of jobs and safety and increasing rapes from other cultures than their own.

Here I tried to make a flow chart above for it to make more sense to you.

However, then there are the feelings of those losing their jobs and the feelings of those who migrate because otherwise they are going to die.

The result of all this: Inevitable struggle, anger and violence and death.

If you are liberal you might say: "Isn't there another answer?"

Maybe if there is enough plenty in that country that year to share the food and jobs.

Otherwise, NO!

So, here are the basic elements tearing apart human civilization worldwide now:

1. Climate change
2. Overpopulation
3. lack of resources in some areas around the world

the result is that struggle and many deaths are inevitable.

If not right now then in the future at some point depending upon how well off and tolerant people are in that country or countries.

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