Friday, November 23, 2018

Why do I believe American citizens need to own guns?

1. This country would not exist unless American Settlers carried long rifles for hunting, killing varmints and enforcing the law on their lands back as far as the 1600 or earlier in the 1500s in Mexico, New Mexico and California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and maybe Florida.

2. Without an armed populace I fully expect the world to be a single dictatorship likely run by China or Russia within 50 years of guns being taken away by the U.S. government of the populace.

3. To protect one's family from intruders in all 50 states.

4. to defend our country from any country that wants to invade. Any country crazy enough to invade the U.S. just has to expect 100 to 300 million American snipers taking them out one by one from the nearest building or mountain or rise in the road. It was like this during the revolutionary war too. And if any country attacked us it would be like this again for as long as it took to get our country back.

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