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On July 23rd 2012 you could still ski from the glacier to Timberline lodge then


ONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

But, because of Global warming you cannot do this anymore because it is too warm and too much of the snow melts usually by July. So, like most ski lifts that are successful they now are converting the ski lift to a Bike park where people ride their mountain bikes down after riding up the ski lifts during the summers now. This is what most ski lifts now do in the summer time so they can also stay open during the winters for skiing. But, in 2012 in late July my daughter and I skied from the glacier all the way to the hotel at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. You can see the glacier near the top of the mountain in the following picture. This picture was taken by me out my hotel window at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.

The rest of the writing and the picture is from 2012:

View up Mt. Hood from Timberline Lodge

This is what Mt. Hood Looked like about a week ago from Timberline Lodge. For example though I mostly skied up at the end of Palmer lift where the snow is deep and wide and 8500 feet in altitude and not as patchy as down here at about 5900 feet where the picture is taken, I still skied past this point on this literal road of snow made by snow grooming machines to ski right up to the Timberline Lodge where we were staying in a Fireplace room that also had this view you see right here.

 note: I found out this year that Mt. Hood and Whistler in Canada are usually two places where there is year around skiing with the lifts open most months which is great if you really love to ski or snowboard year around without having to pay to go to South America or something like that. 

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