Sunday, November 25, 2018

The purpose of Enlightenment is Peace

In the past people would go into caves and meditate and contemplate peace to become enlightened.

To be enlightened in some ways is to be Soul Cause to your own experience.

In other words you are not reactionary in a PTSD way anymore because you have trained yourself not to react in extreme ways to external stimuli. Instead you still observe everything happening around you but are not a victim of your surroundings whether that be persons, places or things.

In other words you are not fooled by ANYTHING that happens including your own death.

You see things as they are rather than just being a victim and a reactionary messed up for life with PTSD from Traumas.

So, you become master of your surroundings (whether that be people or places or things) in that you see them all for what they really are. You are filled with compassion for yourself and all beings and all things. But, you see everything for what it really is in a much clearer way than most others around you.

Because of this you can advocate for Life, Peace, harmlessness, you can help life in any way you choose because life assists you in all ways. Because life always senses the enlightened ones among us and helps those beings help all life in whatever way all life can.

By God's Grace

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