Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It's raining from about Medford, Oregon to Santa Clarita California right now

It's been raining since yesterday now which is good. I hope it keeps coming because California really needs the rain. It will hopefully keep fires from starting at least until April or May hopefully. The wind is up and the surf will also be up until about 4 Am Friday Morning they said from the Golden Gate Bridge south to Big Sur. They said they closed part of the Big Sur road to the south of Big Sur which is Highway 1 along the coast. Parts of the coast down there are so unstable they closed the road so people wouldn't be buried and not found by rocks and dirt coming down and either burying people or pushing their cars into the ocean off of Highway 1. They cannot permanently stabilize one section and so the engineers are worried how to permanently fix the road because the whole mountain keeps coming down covering the road and going into the ocean in that section. So, a temporary fix for good weather is all they are able to do for now. So, the road is now closed there to prevent accidents.

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