Saturday, November 24, 2018

No one fits in this world: You have to make a place for yourself in this world or you don't survive

When I was 21 to 25 I wanted to be dead. I didn't understand yet that I needed to carve out my own place in this world because I was never going to be accepted as I was. This is something I think all young people have to come to terms with and always have had to for thousands of years already.

Because if you don't actively create a place for yourself in this world somehow the world just chews you up and spits you out until you are walking down a road talking to telephone poles.

So, unless you learn to save yourselves and your children from harm, no one else will either.

So, if you are suddenly 18 to 21 think about what I'm actually saying here. The world isn't necessarily your friend. You have to first make friends with yourself and carve out a place here in this world because otherwise you just don't survive.

What do you love? What is your passion in life? What do you care about?

If you don't ask yourself these questions and follow your heart you likely won't be around very long.

By God's Grace

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