Friday, November 30, 2018

Being Guided to help people transition out of their bodies

Both my parents were Mystical Christian Ministers, especially when I was under 12 years old before my mother's father passed away in 1960. So, from 1954 and 1960 my mother had conducted about 300 memorials or funerals for people in our church that had passed away. So, she was used to doing this and could stay calm (as long as it wasn't her own family dying). Because when my father passed away when I was 37 in 1985 she tried to conduct his memorial and I had to step in when she broke down as I had been trained as a minister for the church I was raised in while I was growing up also.

Both my mother and I grew up clairvoyant in that seeing angels and watching souls pass out of their  bodies was something we both experienced as it was happening. And I have always tried to help people I knew if I could the first few months after they passed on if I was able to.

It gets tricky with some people though. It's a little like trying to rescue someone drowning where they can drown you too if you are not careful. Some people are completely unprepared in any way, shape or form to deal with having passed on out of their body for the last time and then panic. And you really usually cannot help someone like this or you can die too if you step into the wrong situation.

So, maybe the single more important thing to say here is you need to know how to protect yourself from people who pass on who are unprepared for being dead (at least their bodies being dead) because they can be very difficult to deal with.

Then there is a friend of mine who was a Catholic Priest who was likely ready to pass on even as he was studying to become a Jesuit priest. He was the easiest to deal with when he passed on as a soul for me to deal with.

So, it all depends upon the person. First of all, you need to be clairvoyant so you can communicate with someone after they pass on. It helps if they know you can hear them mostly by having talked with them that you were clairvoyant before they passed on. This way they know to ask you for help when they are on the other side after they have passed on.

But, maybe the single most important thing is: Don't die trying to help someone who has passed on and is panicking on the other side.

You Must be very pragmatic about al this. Some people you can help and others you can't. Remember life is for the living and if you don't stay alive who is going to take care of your family?

So, one must be extremely pragmatic and realistic about this or not be involved at all in helping someone passed over.

But, it always helps to pray for them no matter what so they have a better chance going wherever they are going to go to be happy there.

By God's Grace

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