Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The time the Ski lift threw me off the lift at Timberline Lodge

It was about 13 to 17 degrees out (Fahrenheit) and ice had built up on the wheels running the ski lifts. So, people (every 5 to 10 seats) were being thrown off the lift because of the ice buildup on the wheels. This happened about 3 or 4 years ago now so likely in 2014 or 2015. So, as we reached the top of the ski lift it threw the three of us through the air but being older I landed wrong and got a dinner plate size bruise on my right hip as I landed pretty hard. So, besides freezing in the winds I also got injured that day and could barely walk because of it for about a month. But, luckily I heal up pretty good and fast. My main gift is to be well built so nothing usually breaks on me partly because I'm very sturdy because I'm half Scottish and so big boned. I'm half Swiss so I'm both big boned and tall combined which means the only bones I have ever broken are my nose and my little toe as a result even though I have fallen as far as 30 feet and was okay then because I know how to roll to lessen impacts like a gymnast.

What I can say about this is to look at the wheels running the ski lift you are on when temperatures get this low to make sure the ski lift is safe to even be on. I was only skiing this day because it was the first day after a big snow and we were up there so we went for it and I think it was my first skiing of that year. So, when you first start out it is sort of like riding a bike (you never forget) but often you have to get used to doing it again each year after not skiing for maybe 9 months or more that year.

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