Friday, November 23, 2018

For Bloggers: I discovered a little "Trash Can" at the top of the Notepad page

I realized even though it is very faint on my computer there is a little "trash can" symbol when if the file is highlighted you can delete your notepad file that you are filtering through Notepad so it will load better at your site. Somehow it cleans up the HTML without overrunning your page so much. (At least it is doing that for me while I'm using Chrome and (blogspot) to blog on. I was having trouble deleting files until I found this faint little trash can which can delete files one by one.

Hopefully this is helpful to other bloggers.

For me this is working so that quoted copy that I quote from other sources is more readable and doesn't overrun my site so much. I have been puttting the "Overrun" copy first and then after I have been putting the "filtered" copy that is easier for you to read without having to click word buttons to go to another site.

If you are a blogger just "Putting" the article into notepad filters it". So, what I do is open a file in Notepad then name it so I can find it and then I put the article in and just doing this tends to filter it. Then I recopy the file from Notepad back onto my blog usually after the "Overrun" copy so people don't have to click a word button to go to another site to read "clear copy" of the article. But can if they want to and are able to in whatever country they are in worldwide.

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