Friday, November 23, 2018

1950s: I grew up when White Racists were the majority (blatant or closeted) in the U.S.

I'm not sure people born after 1970 or 1980 can comprehend what this was like.

Even though I grew up in Los Angeles which was likely (along with San Francisco and San Diego) the most experimental and liberal in some ways place in the U.S., I still saw people who were racist almost every day and there were always older people who were scarily racist and here is the thing that most people today don't easily understand. It wasn't just White Racism it was also reactionary Black Racism too. Being called a "White Devil" if you walked into the wrong black neighborhood was pretty common in the 1950s too. Even in 1964 when I got a job after school at 16 of driving a compact Oldsmobile owned by my camera company in Glendale (Ernie's Camera Shop) I accidentally drove into a part of Watts and was scared to death when I realized I was the ONLY white person in view and I screeched my tires around and drove out of there as fast as I could because I was lost I realized and nowhere near my delivery or pickup place of cameras or camera related equipment or film.

So, what people don't understand now is that driving into ANY all black neighborhood or walking into any all black neighborhood was often fatal or you were going to wind up at the very least in the hospital then. So, it wasn't just white racists that were the problem it was also black racists who called "ALL WHITE PEOPLE" White Devils in the first place.

So, if you were liberal then and someone mistook you for a "White Devil Racist" you could be dead before you convinced anyone otherwise. So, you can see now how much all this has changed now, (At least in California) where black people almost always have been okay talking to white people after the riots of the 1960s there in Watts and other places like Chicago and other places where Watts burned down while I was watching white people prepare to shoot any black people and practicing with their hunting rifles in the hills around Glendale with people target practicing after work preparing to shoot black  people. and the White people with Guns scared me more than anything else during the Watts Riots by the way. Black people didn't scare me because I didn't have to live around them then. But, the white people with Guns shooting all night in the hills scared me a lot because I hoped they weren't going to accidentally kill someone with a stray bullet while being that wacky.

The reason I'm writing about all this is this is why people like Trump who remind me of all the racists of the 1950s who were violent then by the way too.

If you wanted the most violent white people around you in the 1950s who harken back to the cowboys of the 1800s the most by the way in reality, they were ALWAYS the White racists of the 1950s when I grew up.

Even then you could not confront them or they would knock your teeth out (at the very least) or they would stick a knife in you or just shoot you (which was more common in the South then) and then bury you in their back yard and police would never look for you at all.

So, confronting White Racists almost always would be maiming or fatal then in the 1950s. It was just the way most white violent people were then, very racist and close minded and traditional going back to the 1800s. Like that.

So, what actually happened is most people just waited until all these White racists either killed each other or died of old Age. This is reality.

But Wait! They're Back!

And this is the scariest time since the 1950s right now folks! And it looks worldwide that the murders by racists of all nationalities are starting to kill big time: Islamic racists, African racists, Asian Racists, European White Racists, American White Racists etc.

Watch out! The Racists of all nationalities are ready to murder anyone who confronts them. Maybe you should get out of their way so they don't murder you too.

This is just as much a part of reality as it was in the 1950s only it's  now.

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