Saturday, November 24, 2018

Poor and Coastal Communities will be harmed the most by Climate change

For example, in the Southeast of the U.S. where incomes often lag behind the rest of the country are likely going to take the brunt of flooding and hurricanes and coastal erosion from storm surges during storms and hurricanes year after year now. This likely will reduce property values in the South East too so this will likely cause even more people who cannot afford these storms and flooding to be harmed in the long run as well.

And as people move into the country and into forests from Colorado to California to Arizona to southern Oregon, more and more people will have their homes burned down in cities and hamlets built more closely into forests. And often these same people tend to be more retired or on disability than other areas as well. So, the people who might be the least able to adapt to serious changes are those who most likely will be the most affected in the end in all these calamities from Hurricanes to storm surges to Fires in the western States. And because property values are less away from oceans which is the most expensive property in California (relatively speaking) you have the same problems of the people who will least be able to afford disasters experiencing them more and more like in the Southeast of the U.S.

This same dynamic is true around the world and will continue to go on and get more and more extreme over time everywhere.

For example, because Miami is so close to sea level (only about 6 feet at most in elevation except for elevated dirt burms people are building.

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