Wednesday, November 28, 2018

1983: I didn't know what to expect

It was summer of 1983 and I was sweating with one of Charlie Thom's sons near Lake Siskiyou where one of the tributaries of the Sacramento River enters the lake. And I came out of the sweat lodge after several rounds and the world looked sort of blurry from the heat and I had a sign from God that it was time for me to do a vision quest. I had waited for this sign that I needed to do this soon but now that it was there I was scared because 4 days and nights in the wilderness without ANY water or food of ANY kind is a lot to put one's body through at ANY age and could be dangerous especially in the wilderness.

So, within a month or less I found myself at Eagle Cliffs with my Medicine man teacher who lived there with his family then and we sweat four rounds and then I walked several miles upstream on the Trinity River to a Bear Wallow that I had vibed was where I should do this and I brought ONLY a sleeping bag and a large ground cloth and warm clothes and rain gear in case it rained which it did one day and night while I was there. One night I kept thinking I was hearing a bear trying to get into the bear wallow and that was difficult for me to get through. But, by the 2nd night of no water and no food my visions began in earnest.

They were like nothing I had ever experienced before and come from the primal need of our bodies to survive and go deep as we pray for guidance for 4 days and nights.

So, the visions are far more real to us (in these circumstances) than real life is capable of being any single day of our lives.

So, when I became a huge Golden Dragon of Enlightenment at first I was horrified because I was breathing Golden Fire upon mankind and I was afraid it was going to burn them all up.

But, instead they became enlightened one by one and smiled the smile of one who has just become enlightened instead. And my initial horror changed to understanding of who and what I actually was in this lifetime and what my purpose was.

After 4 days and nights of no water or food I walked several miles back to Eagle Cliffs and we did another sweat lodge with my Medicine man teacher and we ate the first food ritually that I had eaten in over 4 days and nights time.

But, my vision of becoming a gigantic Golden Dragon breathing fire out upon mankind made me realize I needed to study Tibetan Buddhism which I did and then in 1985 in December I was guided to travel to India and Nepal with my family and receive the Kalachakra Tantra with 500,000 others from the Dalai Lama there in Bodhgaya, India where Buddha Became enlightened 2500 years ago.

By God's Grace

My parents were Christian Ministers when I grew up as a boy in charge of a church in Los Angeles. So, studying religions came naturally to me. I came to see religions as cultural outgrowths of people in different areas of the world and as a way for them to express culturally their inner experiences.

So, studying Tibetan Buddhism I felt just as guided to by Jesus and Saint Germain as anything else in my life. So, meeting hundreds of the Tibetan Buddhists from Tibet and India and all over the world opened my eyes up a lot about sincerity and devotion in a way I had never experienced before.

I think what amazed me the most is that though Buddhists believe in Hierarchy they don't really believe in God like Judeo-Christian and people of Islam and Hinduism do.

The focus is compassion upon ourselves and all mankind and all life on earth and throughout the universe in the past, present and future which is extremely powerful, which is why so many Catholic priests and Christian protestant ministers are also Buddhists at least philosophically because compassion in the end is likely the most powerful thing you will find in spirituality.

And 25% of practicing Buddhists believe in God like I do.

So, a Vision Quest in 1983 led me to Tibetan Buddhism when I became in my vision a giant Golden Dragon Breathing out the fire of Enlightenment upon mankind. So, this website is a part of the enlightenment that God shares through me and likely a part of what God designed me for in the first place.

By God's Grace

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