Tuesday, November 27, 2018

climate change=migration=nationalism=war

I have written about this before. But, basically the real danger of Climate Change is leaders like Trump (in other words) Leaders like Hitler.

If you study Hitler and Tojo and maybe Mussolini this is what appears to be coming this century caused (in the main) by Climate change combined with natural human cycles of paranoia like now.

When people get scared: "This started with 9-11 which led to 6 trillion dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistian by the U.S. (instead of putting that money into rebuilding our infrastructure), this then led to our Great Recession which gutted our middle Class of 75% of their wealth.

This opened the U.S. to the same vulnerability that Germany had to Hitler when they elected him to president when bread cost a whole wheelbarrow of money for one loaf of bread.

So, the Hitlers of the world are rising now like Trump has. Trump was trained by his father and his father was KKK and beat up Catholic Policemen in New York in the late 1920s and was arrested for this.

So, Trump is a "chip off the old block" in this KKK way of White Nationalism. Some KKK members in the U.S. went over to join Hitler during the 1930s by the way because they shared the same values.

But, this type of anti-black, anti-hispanic, anti-Jewish, anti Chinese, anti-Native American sentiment has festered in the U.S. in some corners always. It's always been there just beneath the surface. It's based upon paranoia of "anyone different than people that are white".

But, let's also remember that Irish immigrants were often harmed and Scottish immigrants were often harmed by people of English descent in the U.S. especially in the 1700s and 1800s. The same is true of Irish or Spanish People in the U.S. too. And the first Catholic President of the U.S. was President John F Kennedy and he was assassinated too, (which could have been a KKK or J. Edgar Hoover thing as well(Head of the FBI) then. And in California it wasn't unusual for Chinese settlements to suddenly be burned down one day either which happened periodically even into the 1900s.

So, the paranoia of one group against another group has always existed in the U.S. and for that matter throughout the world.

So, the danger becomes Paranoia more than any other one thing. Managing human paranoia caused by things like 9-11, the never ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, Yemen etc. Then the Great Recession that destroyed the middle class of the U.S. etc.

So, when things get bad enough long enough paranoia comes out in people and minorities start to die like now.

So, understanding that we are now in a worldwide paranoia cycle caused by Global Climate change and the resulting migration of people trying to stay alive will help us all manage better what is happening around us.

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