Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Why Angels are important in all our lives

My first experience that I can now remember with Angels happened when I was 2. When you are this young you often can see angels very clearly and as you age often by age 5 you have been programmed by our parents and brothers and sister often not to see angels anymore.

But, I was lucky. My grandmother was from Scotland and my mother though born in the U.S. was a full blood Scottish woman too. So, being gifted was not an unusual thing in this country and accepted by many of the people as something good and wonderful.

So, when I saw angels I was encouraged to keep seeing them but I was told not to talk about angels outside of my family. So, this is what I did. I did what I was told and kept seeing angels and spirits in my life.

This has been very very helpful in staying alive all these years because now I am a grandfather years later.

I had some difficult experiences at age 21 and I was upset and despondent and my mother and her friend in church wanted me to stay alive. So, my mother had me visit her very clairvoyant friend and her friend brought down the angels for me to see. What I decided that day was that I didn't need to take my life and instead I could live with angels right here on earth. So, this is what I have done ever since.

It kept me alive until I married at age 26 and my son was born and then I knew I had to stay alive to raise my son right. But, angels have always been a part of my life. And always the number of them has kept growing around me.

The more you run your energy to where babies mostly don't cry around you unless they are in pain or need a diaper changed, the more you know you are running your energy the way angels like too. In this way you become a healing presence to everyone more and more of the time and by staying centered more and more angels will tend to fly through you and give you assignments of how to help the beings around you.

I suppose you could say that this blog is one of my assignments in life. But, I promised I would do this while I thought I might die for 8 months from a heart virus. So, I have had one or more blogs since 1999 ever since.

By God's Grace

IF a real angel tells you something it's usually true because they live in the past, present and future so usually know what is likely to happen in any given moment. But, you have to be careful because ghosts and other spirits sometime masquerade as angels so be careful of all this.

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