Wednesday, November 28, 2018

High surf advisory from Golden Gate Bridge to Big Sur until 4 AM Friday

Every year many tourists seem to die who aren't used to being around the ocean. They don't realize that though storms on the oceans are invigorating and beautiful to watch as the big waves crash they are also incredibly dangerous unless you understand fully what is going on.

What is most dangerous is what is called "Sleeper" waves which are large "Unexpectedly big" waves that crash and bring water 10 to 20 to 100 feet further on shore.

About 2 years ago or less I missed one while walking along the ocean in a storm and nearly lost one of my dogs, the Corgi.

I was caught off guard and water came up to my waist and I was nearly swept out to sea because I hadn't been watching the waves carefully enough. My Yellow Lab also was almost swept out to sea in the wave also. Then I turned around scared I had lost our Corgi who is much closer to the ground. But, when the first wave hit she had run for her life inland and I later found her about 2 or 3 minutes later far away from the ocean. But, for a few minutes I thought she had been swept out to sea like my Yellow Lab and I had almost been.

But, the problem is people get on rocks to be closer to the big waves in storms not realizing that "Sleeper Waves" much bigger and stronger might come in as every 7th or 10th large wave and sweep them off the rocks to their injuries or deaths.

So, if you aren't used to the ocean stay way back from the ocean during a storm. Even I after a lifetime near the ocean wasn't watching carefully enough for a few moments and was almost swept out to sea along with both my dogs after living near the ocean almost continually since the 1950s.

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