Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I slowly learned more about the Solar Logos over the Years

For me, the Solar Logos (having any meaning to me) has been recent likely the last 20 to 30 years. (Remember I've been alive since the late 1940s. But, in 2011 I was able to understand that the Solar Logos has something to do with the Golden City around Mt. Shasta. It has some kind of relationship to Shamballa which I believe now is a type of heaven realm over the Himalayas where the Kalachakra Tantra (which 5 members of my family including myself received in 1985 in Bodhgaya, India then from the Dalai Lama). So, the Kalachakra Tantra initiates you to be able to go to Shambala when you pass on as a heaven realm which is where all or most Tibetan Buddhists want to go.

I have written about my experience of Shambala through a being I call His Oneness who is the "King of Shambala". It is a heaven realm where nobody dies and doesn't age. But, it is different I believe in that people who are physical like you and I can also live there and never age either. I believe presently that this "Shambala" was started by "His Oneness" during the time of Lemuria which predates Atlantis. Even though Mu predates both.

And Mu I'm realizing now I thought it was where Hawaii is now. But now I'm hearing another point of view that it is actually the land under Antarctica before the last Polar shift when it might have been tropical where Antarctica (the land mass) was before what it is now.

Anyway, the point is I have realized that the Solar Logos is also the "Great Divine Director" who was a Christ on earth thousands of years before the present Jesus Christ. But, it is also true that "the Great Divine Director" is also called "Lord Maha Chohan" and is also called (I found this out recently) "The Solar Logos" as well.

So, the soul . of "The Great Divine Director" and "Lord Maha Chohan" and "The Solar Logos' are all the same Great Soul.

How all this works evolutionally through incarnations or whether this is the same being who never died for thousands to millions of years I'm not entirely sure how all this works.

However, what I am sure of is that "The Great Divine Director" (my senior class Master at the "I AM" school when it was in Santa Fe, New Mexico when I graduated there in 1966) and the "Lord Maha Chohan" and the Solar Logos are all the same being.

Last Spring the Solar Logos told me that I was now his representative on earth regarding the Golden City Heaven "which I like to more easily call" "The Golden Heaven" simply because it now completely surrounds all of earth.

I see it now like a giant "LIFEBOAT" heaven surrounding earth so it is there 24 hours a day now to "Pick up especially" people who have passed on through Global Warming or earth changes.

But, I'm trying to spread the word so people can more easily find a heaven when they need one when they pass on. From this Golden Heaven Lifeboat you can reach ANY heaven you want to or need to or one that will allow you in.

Not everyone can get into the thousands to millions of different heavens around the world by the way.

Some heavens are limited by the language you speak and the era you are from and some are defined all sorts of ways and some are individual people's heavens because they prefer to be alone. There are all kinds of beings and souls after all. So, why should heavens be any different?

I find that I am welcome in many different sorts of heavens and some people are going to be welcome in some heavens or even no heavens depending upon what they have done with their lives and their minds and their feelings and their health both mentally and physically.

I'm sharing all this so more people know about the Golden Heaven built by the Solar Logos closely around earth all over the place now so people can be rescued more easily as souls from major global climate changes which result in  fires, droughts, floods, hurricanes or earth changes where many die in earthquakes or tsunamis around the world this century and after.

By God's Grace

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