Sunday, November 25, 2018

ATM and Credit Card Readers at the pumps might become a thing of the past


Because a criminal well trained in installing a card scanner illegally into a Gas pump can do this in 20 seconds (usually during the middle of the night when no one at all is there).

So, because everyone (including a good friend of mine now) has lost money to this fraud, she is ONLY going to buy gas inside a gas station after this. (except in extreme emergencies). In fact this friend's point of view is maybe to ONLY buy gas with cash after this experience.

If you multiply this experience by millions of other people in the U.S. you can see how ATM and Credit Car readers at the gas pumps may soon become a thing of the past here in the U.S. and around the world.


The ATM and Card Scanners criminals install has  blue tooth that relays the card numbers through the air to another device nearby.

My friend and millions of other people have had to replace their cards and numbers and likely millions more will have to do this before this problem is better resolved by removing card readers from the pumps entirely. Because of the pervasiveness of this problem I really see no long term solution but ending card readers at the pumps over time.

One potential solution: would be a burglar alarm installed on all pumps that would go off if they are broken into.

However, then you would have police having to go to gas stations all the time in the middle of the night trying to catch card number thieves.

So, possibly remote cameras combined with burglar alarms on all pumps. However, because that could be very expensive you likely would only see this at the highest priced gas stations nationwide.

In the meantime my thought is that card readers won't be around 5 to 10 years from now at gas station pumps. But I might be wrong because of all the variables present.

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