Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Climate change and the resulting migrations is causing people to murder each other more

If we understand how some people are closer "psychologically" to the edge than others, we can then better understand why some people just "go off' and start killing people when things get crazier and crazier from global warming and the resulting migrations and wars worldwide.

For example, what caused the Iraq and Syrian war and the Yemen war?

If you look at one of the root causes it was just too many people in the Middle East. So, some had to turn to crime in order to not starve to death. This was one of the main causes of all the chaos in the middle East which comes directly from Abortions being illegal in most of the Middle East.

When many places birth control and abortions are completely illegal you have to expect war, crime, disease and pestilence caused by overpopulation. It's just logical and expected.

And this is even more true where it is desert with out much water or tillable land for farming.

So, this is where the biggest move towards nationalism was created by the cultures surrounding Islam forbidding birth control or abortions to be practiced in the Middle East.

This then caused the basis of everything that has come out of the middle east since: death and mayhem and then Sunni Muslims being pushed out of Syria and into Europe which created the whole White Supremacist Christian protestant movement against people migrating while trying not to be killed.

(Whether that was from the middle east into Europe or from Central America into the U.S. like now).

The causes in Central America are also about Catholicism being against birth control and abortion too by the way. Both areas prevent birth control and abortion and useful educations around all these issues and the result is complete chaos when you add in Global Climate change to the mix.

So, preventing birth control and preventing abortions creates gangs when people are starving. Gangs then murder people to stay alive and you have overpopulation combined with climate change destroying everyone's lives in certain areas of the world. This then causes desperate migrations of people not wanting to be killed by Gangs and warlords like you now see into Europe from the middle east and into the U.S. right now through Tijuana, Mexico into San Ysidro and San Diego, California from Central American Countries.

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