Sunday, November 25, 2018

Healing Traumas

When traumas affect your life at any age you might find yourself processing strange dreams and feelings very often. Rather than just being horrified by the dreams and feelings and becoming reactionary one often has to be very disciplined like a soldier to protect oneself and and the ones around you from harm. When you are going through severe psychological (or physical traumas) you must protect yourself from suicide and also protect those around you from yourself.

Traumas often create extreme "Fight or Flight" Scenarios because at core we are all animals. It's true we are human animals but survival is  bred into us. So, when extreme "Fight or Flight" comes up in all of us we must be very very disciplined in order to protect others and ourselves from harm.

In the most extreme of situations some people choose to commit suicide rather than to accidentally harm others. This has been true down through history when people were strong enough to do this.

However, a better choice might be to temporarily go to the wilderness to regroup away from civilization while you work through your traumas away from people. Some people are capable of this.

For example, my wife and I in 1980 chose to move with our children to  2 1/2 acres of land 10 miles from the nearest small city or gas station and to build ourselves an A-Frame and to home school our children for around 5 years time. During this time we home schooled our children and I healed some of the traumas in my life and my wife did the same from her life. And our children benefitted from
A Mt. Shasta Swiss Family Robinson kind of life style away from the maddening crowd.

One day I had to go to San Francisco on Business and I stopped for gas in Vacaville I think it was and I watched everyone act like hamsters running in their wheels, rushing here and rushing there and I sat in my car and just laughed  at everyone who seemed like hamsters forever caught running forever in their wheels for no real reason.

Though I didn't stay like this the observation for me was very very powerful of seeing how one can choose a different kind of life if one needs to. There isn't one way to live there are millions.

And it is in seeing this that we free our hearts and minds worldwide.

My first experience with this was just after my son was born in 1974 when my wife and I moved with my then baby son to Hilo, Hawaii then. We also had friends in Hilo too from California and other friends visited us from Alaska while we were there too.

I remember thinking about how people who live in the snowy climates have to scramble every winter to survive or they all freeze to death and starve but how it is different and always has been in Hawaii where if you just go fishing and eat some coconuts or papayas you were okay (as long as no one murdered you). So, in some ways I saw how snowy climates make people sort of workaholic neurotics (because those are the only ones who survived) in snowy climates in the end.

But, it isn't that way all over the world. Every climate and every culture deals with things differently.

In understanding this you become a citizen of the whole world capable of living anywhere you want to on earth.

By God's Grace

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