Thursday, November 29, 2018

It's been raining heavily for a couple of days now in SF Bay area

Last night I woke up to a sound that sounded like a large tree falling accompanied by flashes of light like you get from lightning. Soon, there were more flashes of light and thunder so I was relieved that one of the very big trees near us hadn't gone down. Sometimes the flashes of light can be the power lines flashing as trees bring them down or even transformers exploding in the process. But, luckily it was only lightning and thunder. The rain at times is unending and at one point the rain blew off the roof sideways like a river and the trees swayed a lot from heavy gusty winds. But, so far the ground likely isn't saturated enough locally for any serious flooding at least in the area I live in.  

It's presently raining from Eugene, Oregon as far south as San Diego and into Mexico at this point. Snow is coming down hard in the Sierras and around Mt. Shasta and in the Trinities as well.

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