Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump likely is going to have to Pardon Don Jr.

You can sort of already see this coming. Manafort is likely screwed for life and had to lie to prevent Putin from killing him or torturing him to death. And Trump likely cannot get away with pardoning Manafort unless Trump was resigning from office at the same time. But, Trump cannot allow his son Don Jr. to go to jail for helping him. But, he can ONLY pardon Don Jr. for Federal Crimes so Don Jr. Might still go to jail for crimes against New York State anyway. So, for Trump becoming president likely has harmed his family a lot in many ways. He likely will have a "Golden Parachute" from bribes from other countries like China and Russia and Saudi Arabia though, even though the U.S. government might eventually prosecute him for taking bribes eventually after he leaves office too.

So, even though being president might have made Trump richer, he or other members of his family might have to serve time eventually too for taking bribes of various kinds while he was in office. The most likely to serve time would be Don Jr. and Kushner at this point. And Manafort doesn't seem to have a prayer between Putin and Trump and Mueller. He is the most screwed by all of this it seems at present. He seems to have "No Way Out".

So, just remember Trump can ONLY pardon people for Federal Crimes but not state crimes likely brought against many of these people in New York, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia (Washington DC).

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