Sunday, October 21, 2012


My site passed 111,111 hits today and I want to thank people from all over the world for visiting my site. If you want to translate and rebroadcast my site in another language using Google Translate I give you permission to do this as long as you then take responsibility for any reactions of people yourselves. The reason for this is often with robotic translators like Google Translate what I write can be misinterpreted. So once you translate it you must then take responsibility for whatever reactions people might have. I take no responsibility for my site translated by a robotic translator into another language. It is only there as a convenience for readers. However, it is seldom even 75% effective in translating the true meanings of what I write into another language. However, you might just get lucky.

note: I can't seem to get the label to be 111,111 but only 111.

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