Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Global Warming?

If you were to ask me personally whether Hurricane Sandy is a result of Global Warming or Global Climate Change I would answer: "Yes". However, since some of the people wouldn't agree with this on earth saying it might not be as useful as many of you might think to actually say this. But, unequivocally I think we might all agree that more Hurricane Sandy's are on the way to countries all around the globe during the next 20 years or so. The unthinkable is more thinkable now that it has actually happened and likely worse storms will come in the future than this one. The whole thing likely is: "Will we be prepared for the next one?" And the likely answer is "No!" But will we be more likely to drive away from the storm next time than this one? I think the answer might be "Yes!" if people can afford to.

The other important thing to think about might be that more people likely would die from a storm like this in other parts of earth than died in the U.S. on the East Coast. This also likely would be true. The more educated and informed and the better infrastructures around the world would better withstand this than others who were less prepared.

I think the most frustrating time last night was watching those 50 homes in Queens burn down for the Fire Departments there last night. They couldn't pump water because of flooding and all they could actually do was to rescue the residents of the apartment buildings on fire and watch everything else burn down.

If you multiply this experience times 1000 or even 1,000,000 you can understand what happened to the entire northeast in regard to Hurricane Sandy and all the flooding, winds and snow that have resulted. So, most of the true frustration now likely will be actually trying to come up with the money to fix everything that is now changed or broken. And a lot of things in these days just won't be fixed because there won't be enough money to fix everything. And places where the coastline has changed likely will remain that way until people get upset enough to vote money to put it back where they want it to be once again. And unfortunately, the eroding and eroded beaches from this storm will continue to erode in coming winter storms and damage many east coast areas and homes and businesses even more. Because now likely isn't the time to rebuild beaches. That is best done during the summer when weather is better. So, the likelihood that things will get much worse for coastal beach residents of the East Coast  in  the coming winter storms is very likely.

 later Note: The 50 homes has now become from 80 to 110 homes completely destroyed in the fire in Queens. I was watching footage on CNN TV and the whole area was burned down and many cars were there burned up as well. The irony was the sandbags the people had there preparing for the floods which did save them at first from flooding but then the electric lines hit the water and started the fire and no one could do anything but rescue people in the flooding and winds so all these structures burned down very quickly because of this as well as many cars and trucks in the area. Luckily, everyone was rescued and it is believed that no one died which is also a miracle in this kind of situation.

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