Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Golden Dragon Flies into the Sun

The Golden Dragon sort of felt like he was dreaming. He was traveling through the air around earth and looked down at the claws on his feet as his wings went up and down as he flew over the earth. He thought to himself, "I thought I was a man? Am I a man dreaming I'm a dragon or a dragon dreaming I'm a man?" He realized soon that both might be true. But, for now, if he didn't want to hit the ground he had to at least pretend he was a dragon as much as he had to pretend he was a man when that appeared to be what he was.

He heard the Solar Logos call him. He thought, "Who's talking to me?" and the voice came back, "I need you to fly into the sun." The dragon said to the voice, "That's crazy. I'm flesh and blood and I'll burn up in the sun even if I could fly through space without my lungs exploding."

But then he heard the voice again. It said, "I don't think you are really flesh and blood. In fact, you might not even be a dragon or a man really. You might be pretending to be both. Are you brave enough to try to fly through space into the sun?"

The Golden Dragon thought about this. "Was this voice trying to trick him into killing himself?"
The dragon thought, "Well. Let's be scientific about this. If I fly up into space a little I can see if I can survive there at all. Then if I can survive their without dying maybe I can fly through space as a dragon too. After all, dragons are supposed to be magical creatures after all and might not follow the rules exactly that men and women have to."

So, the dragon sort of thought of space like the surface of water to a swimming pool and imagined himself swimming fast enough to break the surface of the water after having dived in. So, in his imagination he swam up flying with his wings with all his strength and will.

Just before he broke out of the atmosphere of earth he thought, "What if I'm wrong and what if earth's gravity doesn't draw me back to earth in time for me to breathe real air and I pass out."

But the voice came back, "You will not die. You are magic! Come to me in the sun!"

So, the dragon thought, "What the heck, I want to see what space is like for a magic Golden Dragon!"
And so he broke through the atmosphere into space and realized he didn't have to breathe for some reason. The dragon thought, Well. This is really strange! Why don't I have to breathe?"
He thought about this for awhile but sort of was entranced by the beauty looking back at earth. So, he stretched out his wings and tried to fly around the earth in space.  And then he almost ran into a satellite. The satellite as he matched speed with it looked sort of cooked from the sun. He sort of felt sorry for it out here all alone without any living things. But, then he saw more satellites and decided he needed to look out for them so he didn't run into any more of them by accident.

He decided he needed to fly well above the "Satellite Zone" because it was getting sort of dangerous out here with satellites zipping about at different altitudes and different trajectories  all the time. Eventually, he found the Space Station and wondered if the astronauts saw him out there.

He flew even higher in orbit around earth where no satellites were. He found himself so entranced with the beauty of earth and not having to worry about anything that he just fell asleep suddenly watching the sun and the earth and the moon from space.

Then he woke up and it was a sunny morning on earth but this time he was a man. He walked outside and looked at his back yard and then turned around and walked back into his bedroom and fell asleep again because he wanted to see what the dragon he also was would do next.

So, he woke up as the dragon and looked at the satellites zipping by below him and tried flying towards the sun. As he did this he seemed to gain speed very fast and he wondered about this because it would mean that he was flying faster than light and wondered about this. Within a minute or two he was approaching the sun.

The Solar Logos sent out a Solar Flare and it hit the dragon in the mouth. His mouth and brain felt different somehow. He felt sort of light headed but the solar flare was sort of like a slide that he slid down into the sun. It was warm like diving into a hot tub or something but it didn't burn him.  He was with other Golden Dragons who were all made of fire like plasma like he was now. They all seemed to be there to greet him like he was family or something. He felt like he was home and he cried because he had missed his family even though a moment before he didn't remember them. But somehow they all remembered him and he felt safe and warm and home once again.

All his dragon friends and relatives faced him and formed a circle around him. He found himself being love bombed by family and friends. He was so happy it put him to sleep there in the center of them all. He woke up immediately as a man on earth. But now, he experienced simultaneously being a man on earth and a Golden Dragon in the Sun at the same time. He somehow could feel the love of all his relatives in the sun and all their love and good intentions towards him and earth and all the beings on earth.  Then he realized he was home on earth and home with his family in the sun at the same time.

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