Thursday, October 25, 2012

U.S. Greenhouse Gas emissions 9% lower than 2007

quote from page 20 of Fareed Zacharia's article called "The New Oil and Gas Boom" Time magazine October 29, 2012.

"---The U.S.'s greenhouse gas emissions in 2011 were 9% lower than in 2007. That's a larger drop than in the European Union, with all its focus on renewables. Why? A slow recover and lagging demand is one answer. But the main reason is that natural gas is replacing coal everywhere as an energy source, and gas emits half as much carbon dioxide as coal."

So, the new dynamics have really changed the energy basis in the U.S. just since Obama has been in office. If there had been a different president would the results be the same. It is hard for me to say. However, under Obama there is a 9% drop in U.S. Greenhouse gas emissions and that is a fact.

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