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Rape is God's Plan?

Richard Mourdock: Rape, pregnancy and God's plan - Associated ...
1 day ago – Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Tuesday that when a woman is impregnated during a ... (Also on POLITICO: McCaskill hits Akin with ads featuring rape victims) ... Reply; Quote; Report Abuse ...

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My personal point of view is that Abortion is not really a good thing. However, if someone else decides to get an abortion that is really not my business that is there business and karma not mine unless I know this person (And they ask me what they should do). When people have asked me what to do about an (Accidental Pregnancy) I have told them I don't encourage them to have an abortion. But, it is not my business in the end what they do it is theirs. If someone gets involved and demands a person have an unwanted pregnancy in some ways this is as bad as raping the person in a way. 

However, in the end I guess everyone has to have their own point of view. But, I think that Mourdock's point of view unfortunately likely ends his chance as a Senatorial Candidate likely in his race for the U.S. Senate. Because in our secular Country a stance like this might look good on the pulpit of some churches but it actually has no place in secular politics of the nation. 
So, thinking that "God intended for the rape to happen to create that child" is just a form of victim mentality and fatalistic thinking that I personally consider as obsolete as Islamic Terrorism that shoots a 14 year old girl in the face in Pakistan to prevent her from championing getting an education there in Pakistan . I really don't see much difference between these two things. 

However, as an intuitive I asked God one day while I was in a Seminary to become a Chistian minister around 1977 what rape was all about. God brought to me an aborted soul and lodged it in my body screaming. I had to try to calm the soul down that had just been aborted while I called for the angels to come and get this soul. So, I have emotionally experienced the stress of a soul having been aborted while the soul was screaming there in my body with me. God taught me in this way just how horrific Abortion is. However, the horrible truth is: "Abortion is the alternative to Nuclear war, mass starvation and horrors beyond anyone's imagination all over earth. 

People who don't understand that we all would already be dead on earth if abortion wasn't used the last 40 years or so in the U.S. and in places like China and Europe. Our present world population would not be 7 billion, we would likely be at 12 to 15 billion souls resident here on earth without abortions. Because the unhappy unraised by family babies would have had other babies that wouldn't have been raised right either. And all those children would have started war after war and created crime after crime and life on earth if all those children had been born would literally be hell on earth right now. 

So, the best way I can put this is: "Abortion is an alternative to human extinction. It isn't pretty or desirable but until some other method of world birth control is put into place it is the only thing that prevents at present, Human extinction."

People who don't understand this only show their real ignorance about how bad things really are on earth already


So, to summarize abortion is bad and wrong. But the alternative to having abortion available to whoever wants one is horrific at present and will inevitably lead to  extinction for the human race. 

So, people against abortion should be thinking about birth control for the masses all over earth if they are serious. Otherwise, they will be seen as ridiculous by all practical people on earth who don't want to see the whole human race extinct in a nuclear war or worse. 

But, I suppose many people think we should all go out in smoke and fire. However, I think this likely is a post hypnotic suggestion from other alien races that might want humans extinct and might want us all to kill ourselves so they can have our planet. What do you think?

Will we be lemmings who all self destruct like we did on the asteroid Belt planet? Or will we be able to resist the urge to destroy another planet like our ancestors already did Maldek which is now the asteroid belt?

Our ancestors already nuked one planet out of existence. Do we their descendents have to do it again?

The horrific nightmares that millions of you have had are not about the future usually. They are about your own past memories of dying on Maldek in another lifetime when it fell apart after nuclear weapons were used. It isn't the future you see it is the past. The problem then was that once one nuclear bomb hit the wrong part of the planet it caused a rupture through the bottom of an ocean. This then caused the water and the air to be sucked down the fracture this created into a more hollow place which then caused other heat related explosions under the ocean in the magma when that was breached. When this happened it caused horrific pressures to be exerted (a literally unbelievable amount of steam pressure was exerted upwards which caused even more of the oceans to touch the magma which caused even more horrific explosions etc. Eventually this caused even the atmosphere to be drawn into the chasm. At that point people nearest the chasm couldn't breathe anymore and their lungs came out of their mouths who were near this. Actually, they had relatively quick deaths compared to many others who just had to watch everyone die like this in horror. So, if you begin to remember this it already happened. Use these memories to help prevent his happening again here on earth.

I was one of those who was sent to rescue the survivors(in another lifetime) after Maldek was destroyed. Those left alive were the wives and children of the leaders of Maldek in space lifeboats. Those were all who survived. There were under 4000 people who survived out of billions then on Maldek with a population base sort of like Earth today. Those  approximately 4000 people are some our ancestors of we who are alive on earth today.

We are a genetically engineered hybrid that was created so our genetics didn't go extinct here on earth. 4000 or less people is not a viable genetic pool in the end so by mixing our genetics with monkeys and apes here we first became the servants of the survivors and after they all died we became their descendents. Though we have 1/4 or less of their lifespans (up until now at least) this will change in the next few centuries where it will be normal to live up to 1000 years again through genetically engineered replacement parts for us and other technological innovations like our ancestors have developed before as we colonized and genetically engineered ourselves to survive on thousands or more planets for millions or billions of years already throughout this galaxy and possibly others.

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