Friday, October 19, 2012

Is the American Dream Dead or Dying?

At present it may be either dead or dying. It is really hard to say for sure which it is at present.

But, in the enlightened self interest and even survival of the middle class and rich of this country it is important that we at the very least modify the American Dream so people can at least have ACCESS to Education, Food, Shelter, Clothes and if we can't give them jobs we need to provide for them in some way to prevent crime from becoming a serious problem. It is really stupid to force people to become criminals to survive when there are other alternatives to this!

So, my view is that ACCESS to a good life is possible even when "Everyone who works hard can potentially become rich and have a good life" is no longer true for everyone in America the way it once was.

How do we create Access in order for people not becoming enraged at the death of the American Dream???

This really is the Trillion dollar question isn't it?

One of the ways to do this is to slightly modify our system of governance to where instead of the American Dream being foremost, temporarily at least we should emphasize Access to Education, Access to transportation, Access to affordable housing, Access to good food etc.

Unless we  move as a nation in this direction we likely will move in the direction of the dumbing down of the masses which will in fact create a Master class and a slave class once again like in Feudal Times in Europe.

In order to avoid this,  education for the masses needs to be maintained at all costs. Education prevents violent crime from occurring at all. As violent crime is reduced through education the walls between the haves and the have nots begins to come down and an equality can be better established within nations who do this ongoing.

So, maybe a new American Dream might be "You can have access to all the education you want so that hopefully you can get a job or create your own business to support yourselves" This actually is a feasible American Dream and maybe it needs to replace the old one which was: "If anyone works hard enough they can be rich" which isn't as true now as it used to be here in the U.S.

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