Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Con Ed: 10 days to restore NYC's full electricity

One of the substations that will have to be rebuilt had a flood barrier that reached 12 1/2 feet tall which was much higher than any flood had come before in recorded history. However, since the seawater that came was over 13 1/2 feet it breached the substation and the substation exploded which could be seen all over New York City. What happens in a situation like that when salt water is involved is that all components in that substation would have either exploded or melted together like a giant out of control Arc Welder. So literally all electrical components might need to be replaced. And worse than that the likelihood that wires melted in multiple directions underground during that explosion is also likely so many streets nearby will have to be dug up to replace those underground electrical lines. Underground wiring prevents fires from winds but does not prevent problems during flooding unless the substation is turned off and then meticulously cleaned and dried off after the flooding. Otherwise everything winds up being a melted ball or balls of metal that was once hundreds or thousands of components. Also when something like that explodes it send shards of molten metal in all directions like spattering from an arc welder.

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