Friday, October 19, 2012

Government Survival Bunker under Denver Airport?

Now this actually makes a lot of sense if you are a strategic thinker and logical person like myself. I can see the wisdom of this.

Here is the logic. If you are planning for problems like Tidal Waves, Earthquakes, Solar Storms etc. you would choose a place like this. Nearby is Colorado Springs and another Air Force Bunker dug under the Rockies and to the north of Colorado you have multiple nuclear missiles stored in silos underground. So, the logic of this kind of thinking would go something like this:

If a tidal wave or earthquake wiped out California through Alaska  and the water rolled on shore as far as Arizona and Nevada and Eastern Washington, we still would have everything above 4000 feet to 5000 feet in elevation intact which would mean the Sierras and the Rocky Mountains and Denver would still be there as well as Colorado Springs. Likewise, if something happened on the east coast and wiped out everything from the east coast to the Great Plains we still would have Denver, The Rocky Mountains and Colorado Springs.

So, in the event of catastrophe of earthquake, war, or tidal wave or all three the President and the surviving government would fly to Colorado to survive the crisis and to maintain order for the whole country while the common people fended for themselves as best they could.

This is perfectly logical to prepare for something like this and to maintain the government.

Next, what is actually going to happen? That is a completely different question than planning for a potential event or events. So, at that point it would be up to everyone to do whatever it took to survive whatever the event or events would actually be. So, that is the truth of it. If something actually happens all of us regular people are going to be on our own finding a way to survive anyway we can. I think watching the movie 2012 might be useful in understanding how this works even though I don't think that is what is actually going to happen.

However, I was also raised with the adage of all the American settlers of the U.S. Historically which is: "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" which is what Americans have always done for over 400 years or more already.

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