Friday, October 19, 2012

The Advantages of Being Instinctual and Intuitive

If you are oriented in an instinctual and intuitive way you are less likely to die or to be maimed in any and all situations simply because you usually see physical problems coming before they happen.

The opposite kind of person would be someone who is on their smartphone texting and walks out in front of a bus and dies or someone who walks out their front door and falls down their stairs.

Now, don't get me wrong because when I first moved into my present home in 1999 and started wearing reading glasses I was walking around the house wearing reading glasses and socks and several times (until I adapted to this) I fell down the stairs to the garage while wearing reading glasses and socks until I realized "Don't ever wear just socks in a house like this." So, even I while going through perceptual transitions have to be careful. But, things like this didn't happen to me until I was about 50 years of age because I had perfect sight and hearing and I could compensate because of this for wearing socks and walking down carpeted stairs. Also, because I am very strongly built falling down stairs doesn't break anything on me I just get bruised. In fact, I have fallen about 40 feet and haven't broken anything during my life except getting really bruised from rolling to take out the impact of hitting the ground like a gymnast would.

So, once again what happens when you are very in your feelings and instincts and intuitions about things is that even though you tend to physically survive anything, you are going to be emotionally and mentally wounded at times by what you experience in different situations. So, allowing for all this and getting used to all this takes a lot of time to process as a young adult and adult.

For me, one of the advantages to all this is that I always did very well with women from about age 15 on. But, this can be a good thing as well as a bad thing too. So, like the ancient Greeks said, "Moderation in all things".

If you look at all wild animals and birds and wild things in the water they all survive by being very instinctual and/or very smart about how they do things in order to survive and breed. In being an instinctual and intuitive person you will tend to be like this too. So, if you are kind and caring about other people and creatures and you have common sense and intuition and are instinctual, this appears to be some of the most important things in the long term survival of not only human beings but of all species here on earth. It is also a way for you to survive your life with good health to a ripe old age too if you want.

However, I have to tell you that at age 21 I didn't expect to live past 25. So, at age 30 I was very surprised to be a divorced single father raising my 4 year old son by myself. However, being responsible for my son created my whole life after that. I watch many young men in their 30s now be sort of lost compared to how I was in my 30s because they didn't HAVE to find a way forward for their child or children like I did. Even my twice divorced son said to me recently, "I'm sorry I'm not as stable as you are." And I texted back, "I'm only stable because I had to be to take care of you to get you to adulthood." , which is true. So, being instinctual and intuitive is a part of it. The rest of it you have to just make up as you go along. It's all about survival and what you can stand to do while you are surviving in the end. However, it also should be said that even though I have had 8 years of college in Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology and Social Science and the History of Religion he has a Bachelor of Science degree and I don't.

So now, I have been raising at least one child under age 16 or more continuously since 1974 when my first son was born. And I'm not looking forward to putting the last one in college in a couple of years.

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