Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Every Breath I take every move I make

Over the years I have become conscious of the fact that, "Every breath I take and every move I make helps mankind survive on into the future." The point of writing this is that likely this is true for you too.

Each of us are a part of the fabric of the universe. If you were to imagine the universe as a sweater that has been woven like many wool sweaters you or I have owned when one thread begins to unravel the whole sweater goes into distress and it might be time to darn it or to get a new one.

Likewise, each one of us is key to the survival of the entire human race.

When I was suicidal and felt I had nothing more to live for at age 21, two beings from around 7000 AD came to me and said, "You cannot kill yourself. You are very important to the survival of the human race on earth." So I said to them, "Okay. I will live on for the human race but no longer for myself."

That was in 1969. A whole lot has happened since then.

Though you may or may not believe this story I'm telling you, still it is my personal experience. And, after all, I'm still alive because of this experience. So, however you want to look at it I find it useful to be alive for myself and for everyone I know here on earth. Surviving is the first part of the rest of each of our lives. There has to be a way that allows us to stay alive at certain points in all our lives. So, finding a way forward is the whole thing in the end.

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