Monday, October 29, 2012

Personal Survival Strategies

For me personally the best ongoing survival strategy is about mental attitude, the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with, the location of where you live. If you actually look at the statistics most people die of accidents and heart attacks and strokes but not really from disasters. That really is a minority of fatalities. So, taking care of your spiritual mental, emotional and physical health will allow you the most to potentially survive the longest and the happiest here on earth or beyond earth in the future.

Also, I believe common sense is really important. So, for example, the wisest people probably left the East Coast and went elsewhere if where they lived was potentially going to be under water or under falling trees etc. Considering that 90mph winds are expected from Boston down to the Boardwalks of Atlantic City this might have been a really good idea as late as yesterday. However, now it is likely too late.

So, cultivating common sense while also being common sensical regarding your livelihood and finances would be the best course of action if you live anywhere between Chicago and the East Coast at this time. IF you live right along the coast where the 90 mph winds and storm surges are going to hit and aren't above 20 feet in altitude at the ground level I might consider moving to somewhere that was at least 20 feet ground level above the ocean level at this time.(unless the winds are already 90mph outside right now. If that is the case it is too late. I have tried to walk in 100 mph gusts of wind on top of mountains I was climbing, and you know what you cannot even if you are young and healthy and in your 20s like I was stand up very long in 100 mph gusts of wind. You just keep getting blown down and once you are injured enough to tend to stay down for awhile to catch your breath. So, 90mph winds at ground level with branches, glass and aluminum roofing flying at that speed only would be injurious or fatal. So, don't try to walk in 90mph winds anywhere unless you really have no other choice.

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