Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jonathan Flow and a Past Life

Jonathan had been feeling sort of strange since Going to Hawaii with his wife and younger and older daughter and a friend of his younger daughter. They went to Maui where he once lived in 1989 and 1990. But flying on the way back he had gotten sort of radiation cooked by the Solar Flare (that he hadn't heard about) as it hit earth. A couple of days later he found in the news what had so affected the way he felt. Later he went south with his wife to Southern California on Business and still felt a little strange. It sort of reminded him of what had happened after spending 10 days in England and Scotland this time last year and then taking the Zephyr Train to Colorado. He had hoped that he would better acclimatize to the altitude of 5000 plus feet in Colorado better this way because he now lived basically at sea level and wasn't used to altitude like when he lived in Mt. Shasta at 3500 feet to 4000 feet anymore. But the train ride though wonderful only robbed him of sleep so he arrived at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver not only physically exhausted from lack of sleep but also having difficulty breathing and not being used to the cold (It got down to about 14 degrees Fahrenheit) while he was there.

So, this year it was more about Solar Flares (he was hit by the first one while flying). Then another G1 hit for 48 hours that Friday as he studied the effects of it. Other than knocking some of his information down at his blog site for awhile (which was returned by the site) the solar flare didn't really do any permanent damage that he was aware of. However, there likely could have been permanent damage to some satellites. So, at least for now Earth had dodged the Solar Flare bullet. (But he wondered how long that would last with the frequency of solar storms hitting earth and with parts of the Magnetosphere gone and not protecting life on earth as it once did during the 20th Century. So, likely it was only a matter of time before genetic damage from solar radiation would show up in sensitive creatures like Frogs and insects and birds and any other creatures sensitive to radiation from the sun.

So, feeling sort of spaced out still from traveling and the solar storms he came back to his home near San Francisco and picked up his daughter from a friend's house and his son decided to come spend the week there too since Jonathan's wife was gone.

As he wanted to be supportive to his daughter at her private school he went to her volleyball game against another school. He felt sort of out of place there without his wife as mostly the parents there were mothers of other daughters playing volleball and then a lot of boys and girls high school age from his daughter's private school there to watch.

So, he sat down there behind the scorekeepers while the game was being played. He didn't think much of it at first but there was a blonde girl who was a member of the volleyball team that was helping keep score but junior varsity was playing and she was varsity so she was helping keep score.

Jonathan noticed many unusual energies in the room and chocked it up to being October and part of Halloween weirdness and just found a way to stay centered. However, that night when he went to sleep he realized as he woke up that he had once been married to this girl likely during the 1600s or 1700 in Scotland. Though Jonathan having studied all this kind of stuff now was sort of like a Priest the way he approached past lifetimes in a sort of dispassionate way, he realized that this girls soul was trying to heal from watching him die with a sword through his chest and being beheaded by bandits. Then she had taken her own life rather than to be taken by them alive while pregnant with Jonathan's new son so they both died.

So, even though she had done what was expected of her in that era her soul had always been in torment on a certain level because of this. So, Jonathan was impressed that she was healing herself by her soul realizing who he was. He noticed that an incredible karmic weight lifted as this transpired and was very grateful that the two of them were freed from this horrible nightmare karma wise. Even though the bandits were caught by Jonathan's and her family and hung from a tree there was violent wounding to multiple souls in this karmic event. That Jonathan's and this girls souls were now free and healed he was very happy for.

This is one of the reasons that Jonathan likes to be aware of his relationships with other people from past, present or future lifetimes. Because being aware of what is going on often you can heal whatever happened so all or most souls can move forwards in a new and good way through God's Grace.

The Incredible Lightness of Being that can occur from healing violent endings in past lives is amazing.

However, Jonathan didn't initiate this healing the soul of his wife from a past lifetime. Her soul did, all without speaking a word or anything. Life, is remarkable in the end.

Jonathan's style usually would not take him into a situation like this because dealing with these kinds of events is often too traumatic for souls to deal with at any age. Luckily, the soul of this girl was capable of it. For this, Jonathan was very grateful for at least two souls moving forward healed from the past.

Remember the beauty of this is no words needed to be spoken. No contact needed to be made. All healing takes place anyway. God is amazing! God is Remarkable! God is magnificent!

Jonathan had found that if one remembers only one lifetime like this it can be a problem. But when one remembers thousands of lifetimes something like this it can better be dealt with. Because then it becomes situational rather than personal. Because whether you are the killer or the killed anytime a life is taken both die in a way. So, as a priest viewing all this one can be dispassionate and realize all involved were in one way or another victims of a post traumatic stress disorder because of the times they lived in. So, all events that are taken in a personal way during these kinds of insane times is sort of ridiculous. All are innocent and all are guilty in times like these. So, equanimity (an equalness of compassion towards all beings) becomes the most useful option for a truly evolved being.

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