Monday, October 22, 2012

My theory about Soul Travel

When I was little and a child and impressionable I believed that I wanted to soul travel. I also wanted to be an airline pilot or a Bush Pilot in Alaska. But one expects this sort of thing from a boy 5 to 12 years of age. (Especially during the 1950s when I was growing up).

However, my prayers to God about learning to consciously soul travel actually started manifesting into actuality by my teens and so I went through a paradigm shift in my early 20s where I experienced the fact that I could separate from my body as a soul and that a soul is actually separate from a body and can live on without a body. So, I guess you could say I scientifically experienced immortality in my early 20s. So, I stopped being afraid of death completely as a result of this.

I kept enough fear so I could be safe driving a car, piloting a plane, or riding a motorcycle but fear of death like the panic that most people live in all the time no longer exists for me and hasn't since my 20s. As a result some people are afraid around me because of my physical fearlessness which is just a normal part of who I am all the time. So, my being 6 foot 5 inches tall and basically fearless scares a lot of people if I'm just walking around like this. But, when I talk to people I try to make myself sound comforting so they feel comfortable around someone as big and as fearless as I tend to be all the time.

Over time I started out after my paradigm shift of going out of my body and at first just sitting on the roof of whatever house or apartment I was living in at the time at night through bi-location and sitting or lying there looking up at the stars or clouds at first. This was my first type of journey that I made outside my body. So, though I had Astral projected accidentally once and scared the hell out of myself because I was alone in a desert cabin by myself, I had come to the conclusion that Bi-location was much safer than completely exiting my body because: "Who knew what would be in my body when I came back if I left it completely?" So, since I realized that God had done this "Accidental Astral Projection" to teach me this safety lesson, I began a few months later to Bi-locate.

The principle of Bi-Location comes from visualization. I was taught in my parents religion to visualize whatever I wanted in my life. I found as a child growing up that if I visualized a bicycle or other toy I could often manifest what I wanted. As a teenager I would visualize the girlfriend I wanted and often I could be with that girlfriend. (Though you really have to be careful regarding this sort of thing). It was a part of the principle of "One with God is a Majority". So, for example, if you fuse with the Godhead and then desire something to manifest, if God agrees with you it does manifest. (But I must share with you this can also be really scary if you aren't clear and level headed during this God-Fusion process). Because if your motivation isn't right you could wind up dead.

So, if you are going to use what I'm teaching you here it is important to know that this is unbelievably powerful and wrong motivation only results in death or insanity. So, if you are going to align with God you have to be very sincere and level headed like you have to be when getting into a car and driving people around safely in it. Don't do this unless you are sober and sane and very clear headed and a benefit to all beings.

So, as I learned to travel the universe (literally) with God I have learned a great deal the last 44 years since I have been doing this.

I suppose the biggest thing I have realized is that Time and Space only exist in a relative sense. It took me about 10 to 15 years to fully understand this.

At first I thought it took concentration and force of being to soul travel. But then, I realized I was wrong. But this took 10 to 15 years to understand this. All you really need to do I found is to visualize yourself in any time or space and believe you are there and you are. If you are good at visualizing it just happens without any real effort at all. The catch appears to be you have to have a really good reason for being in that time or space from God's point of view. And I also have realized that reincarnation works by assessing the needs of the soul and the needs of life for an advanced soul deciding where and when and what heaven, dimension or planet or star or whatever to incarnate into or onto. So, this for me was a revelation as well. So, good luck with all this. I'm condensing what I learned about soul travel during the last 64 years of my life and whatever I brought over from thousands of lifetimes before. But, it takes time to go beyond theory to the actual experience of all this. After all, it took me 10 to 15 years of soul traveling just to understand that effort really isn't required beyond visualizing where you want to be in consciousness at any given point. However, there is much more to it than this on a variety of levels because balance must be re-established after every new expansive realization one has ongoing.

Every realization is a little like learning to ride a bicycle. You are constantly crashing into things until you get your balance. Once you perfect your balance you can ride that bike all over the world passing by all the walkers and runners while traveling 20 miles an hour or more on your bicycle. Every realization is like this one by one as you grow in spirit over the years.

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