Friday, October 26, 2012

What is Best?

When People ask "Who is best to vote for?" I always cringe because neither choice is a good one. There is Obama who will feed the poor so they don't riot and create another French Revolution where all the rich are hanged or guillotined. And then you have Romney who talks just like he is out of the 1950s to 1980s or even a Republican right out of the 1930s (and you notice no Republicans were elected to the Presidency from 1930 until 1952. So, this is something to think about as well. And even then General Eisenhower who saved our ass in Europe was the one we elected. General MacArthur was still busy doing fixing Japan at the time so it could function after the horrible World War II.

So, the way I see it is either you vote for Obama who will at the very least feed the poor or vote for Romney who likely will get us into another war, stop feeding the poor and creating maybe worse problems for us than Bush did or you just don't vote at all.

But, neither candidate solves any of our real problems because ALL the dynamics that we lived under from World War II to the present day are gone. Just consider this: "IT costs 34 dollars to manufacture anything here compared to $2 in China!" I recently wrote and article about this. By the way this is CNN fact checked documentation! So, when you consider this seriously if you are any businessman on earth, the U.S. is screwed economically in the short and long run because of this in regard to exporting manufactured products made in the U.S. We may have the best quality items that we manufacture and our metal products won't be made with highly toxic lead or radioactive metals from recycled atomic bomb coverings like most silverware is from China, but we still can't compete on a monetary basis even if the Chinese fix their currency imbalance. Because the currency imbalance would only mean that something in China would cost $5 or $10 at most and it still would cost in the U.S. $34 to manufacture anything. This is the reality of life in the world today.

So, basically all China has to do is to wait for the U.S. to go bankrupt by the US  living in a fantasy land of previous real world politics of 50 years ago.

Recently I was watching "The Night of Too Many Stars" on TV hosted by Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show". One of the comedians went on about how 2/3 of the people needed to go walk into the ocean so the rest of the human race could survive. He in humor made a real point of all this. However, in reality this isn't the way life works. We are not lemmings. So, in the end we all have to survive things the way they really are. Manufacturing is not coming back to the U.S. unless we erect serious tariffs against all countries like China and exit all trade agreements with the world. Will it actually one day come to that? Probably. But that would also be the end of the U.S. as a world power.

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