Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Second Perfect Storm?

If we are to realistically look at Hurricane Sandy we must also look at Hurricane Irene last year around this time. Both were Frankenstorms in their own way. However, Hurricane Irene harmed more people inland by washing away mountain towns and villages through flooding. Whereas Hurricane Sandy sort of is doing both in it's own way and this time including Snow storms with 3 feet of snow or more in West Virginia which is it's own kind of nightmare for that area. So, even though it relieved droughts in some of the 23 to 25 states hit it also caused billions of different kinds of damage.

But then, the question needs to be asked, "If Irene came in as an anomoly and Sandy was a more nightmarish anomaly then what can we expect the next year and the year after that on Halloween? If we take these two storms as a geometric new progression of a "new normal" then an even worse storm like these two could occur basically every year around Halloween. This isn't necessarily true but it could be given what we have seen the last two years.

However, what is true is that people all around the world are watching what happened in this storm because most places are a lot less prepared for this than we are if something like this happened unexpectedly there and many more people would die than died here at the very least.

Later Note: As I was thinking about what I wrote here I realized that if you take Hurricane  Irene last year and then take Hurricane Sandy to be a progression this year the next storm "Hurricane Unknown" (next year or some year after) might be something that half the people who were affected this time might never recover from even if they were still alive when it was all over!

So, this is something to think about if I happen to be right about this for anyone in the path next year (or some year later) of the next Halloween Superstorm that hits the Northeast.

So, if people saw "Hurricane Unknown" coming maybe they would literally head for the hills next time if they wanted to live through it next year or the year after.

And, unfortunately if I Am right this is still a progression that Hurricane Unknown is NOT the end to either but only the beginning of things to come.

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