Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Are What We Think

We are what we think
All that we are arises with our thoughts
With our thoughts we make the world


Here in the western world our psychology is based upon subservience to Kings and Queens in the past. Everything is geared around that including the way we deal with our lives. However, that is contradictory to what we are as humans. We even see God and that we are subservient to him whether or not he would actually want us to be that way or not. What if God wanted us to be his children and to actually think and make decisions for ourselves and that Kings and Queens of Earth subverted that in us to make us their slaves psychologically and physically for thousands of years and we haven't entirely thrown that submissiveness off yet as a culture? I think at least psychologically this is true. The Queen of England exists partly as this nostalgia for having someone to look up to in emergencies like we do our parents for security. And I think this can be helpful for many people to do this still.

However, those of us who actually can think for ourselves and imagine a God that wants each of us to think completely for ourselves as long as we don't harm ourselves or anyone else, can actually think and know that the above statement by Buddha (who was after all raised to become the King of Lumbini as a Prince) and who would know all this inherently.

So, We are what we think!

All definitions of self and others and things we provide.

How will we create ourselves and all life into the future?

That may be entirely up to us.

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