Friday, October 19, 2012

Governor Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - 2012 Part 1 of 6 - YouTube 14, 2010 - 8 min - Uploaded by saluki420
Is our government secretly planning to save and protect the elite - while ... He discovers signs of secret ...

  • I found the above button for a show Jesse Ventura did in 2010 and decided to watch a part of it. The one thing I think people need to be aware of regarding stuff like this is that the U.S. has always survived by always being a little technologically paranoid. If you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis everyone and their little brother were building bomb shelters parodied in movies like:

    Blast from the Past (1999) - IMDb
     Rating: 6.4/10 - 31703 votes
    A romantic comedy about a naive man who comes out into the world after being in a nuclear fallout shelter for 35 years.
    Directed by Hugh Wilson. Starring Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone.

    It is important to understand that the U.S. and other countries survive because they are paranoid enough to survive anything that happens. Countries that don't prepare in some way often end suddenly with a famine or a war.
    As an intuitive when I look forward through time in order to prepare as I always do I look to December when 12-21-12 occurs and I see something that is grey but then I look to January and I see Black but then I look to February and I see Gray again. 
    What this means to me is that something minor happens in December and then everyone is upset in January and then they are sort of getting over it in February. It also appears that 2013 is a very topsy- turvy  year in general for life on earth. 

    If I were to interpret what I'm getting now it might look something like this: A bunch of religious people off themselves worldwide on or around 12-21-12. This makes people on earth pretty sad in January but by February they are sort of getting over it. But, this event of so many deaths has a similar effect of 9-11 on the world and takes us in entirely new directions as a world society. This is sort of an unknown to me as to what this means at this point. So, I guess we will have to live through this to know what this means to us individually and to the world. So, though I can get inklings of what is coming I don't get how people are going to actually react to things when they happen because that sort of thing is completely spontaneous and unknown always.

    Later: Here is the other crazy part about all this as an intuitive who is a precognitive psychic as well. When you talk or write about the future in any way you change the future. So now, after writing this January now is grey too and no longer black. Go Figure!

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