Monday, October 22, 2012

The Problem of Women and Men Worldwide

This is the problem as I see it. There is a tendency for women around the world to be focused on what I would call "An idealistic view of reality" and there is a tendency (out of thousands of years of survival in a very unfriendly world) for men to be focused upon "Protection of the women and children from all the unfriendly causes and situations that exist".

So, the real problem between men and women around the world is the collision of these two world views. The total focus of  "Protection of women and children from harm from the world" makes men myopic in one way(myopic meaning "too focused on one set of parameters" to see the other side) and women tending to be myopic in the other idealistic view of reality. Though in more educated nations where almost everyone goes to college and learns critical thinking this problem is mitigated to a greater or lesser degree, in uneducated nations in various religions this problem is still extreme for both men and women and children.

As women realize men "Protect the women and children even if they sacrifice their lives doing it" women might better appreciate the difficulty of being a man in a cruel and unfriendly world. And as men better understand why women tend to be idealistic in order not to scare the kids to death with the truth of a man's view of reality, then men can better appreciate what women do to keep the whole thing working both now and into the future. Because between 16 and 20 to 25 when a man finds out his kind are "literally expendable" at all points to human society it is a very difficult thing to physically or psychologically survive for young men. When women understand the full "Horror that men face" and when men better understand the "Horrors that women face through childbirth and the raising of children" both may understand each other better and stop trying to change each other into the other sex because that doesn't work either.

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